A Letter for  People who Made 2016 an Interesting Year for Me

At this specific moment of my life, I have to write these lines to evaluate my performance in all its aspects and to thank people who made this year interesting for me. The bad ones do not worth wasting time and energy to even thank them.

Before starting to thank people who made my year interesting, I would like to evaluate my performance in all intersections. Academically, it was a good year, yet challenging. I had to deal with many things in parallel which was very difficult for me. However, I managed to deal with that at the end, and the overall performance in this aspect was good. I met my personal satisfaction which is the most important thing for me at this moment. Educationally, I had a good experience with teaching some high school students the basics of web development. It was good because it represented the intersection between two fields that I like. I met new people who had great ideas. I feel happy when someone of them says to me that he or she benefited from what I have been sharing with them. However, I would like to express my deep apology for anyone of them if I overreacted at some moments either in or after the events. In addition, I wrote a paper about iOS Security Architecture, and it was accepted for OWASP AppSec Africa 2017 in Casablanca, Morocco. It was a great honor for me to talk in this international conference by a leading organization in cyber security. Moreover, my level has been improved from last year to 2016 in the context of competitive programming. It was not in the level of my expectations, but I believe it is acceptable at the end. Socially, it was a bad year because I overreacted at discrete moments of this year. I overreacted in some situations that do not deserve even thinking. However, I tried to be more strict at different situation which was a key in saving my academic semester at the end. “Life is binary either you get 0 or 1” is the quote that explains my behavior. It caused some emotional problems to me during this year. Thus, it was a bad year in the emotional context. I learned many things  in the experience that I had which is good at the end.

In this post, I would like to thank people who made this year interesting for me. I would like to thank my parents, brother, and family for the high support that they have been giving to me. I would like to thank Saad Taame for being a great brother, friend, and coach. I learned so many things from you such as precision and thinking before taking any decision. I learned from you things that are not related to computer science. I learned lessons in life which affected somehow my behavior. I would like to thank Abdelghafour Mourchid and Mohammed Khalil Ait Brahim for being great friends and teammates, and for being on my side when I had some hard moments. I would like to thank Najwa Laabid for being such a great friend and advisor. You saved my life at the end of this year. Thank you for all the motivational speeches that you gave me during the hard time. I would like to thank Manal Hamdi for the advices and for being a good friend during the hard moments. I would like to thank Maha Hamdi for accepting my strict behavior and for all the things that I learned from you. I would like to thank Abdelhamid Limami for the great and crazy experiences that we had and for being a real friend when I experienced critical situations. I would like to thank Amine Dehbi, Younes Akherfi, Imad Eddine Sekkal, Amine Essiraj, Abdelilah Azizi, Hicham Drif, Yasmine Bahaji, Yassine Fakirni,  and all my old friends who did not vary with time. I would like to thank the new people that 2016 brought to my life especially Sabrine Lemghari, Omar Salim Moussa, Lamiae Benamar , Kenza Mandri, Houda Lalami, Ahmed Amine Boustani for being awesome, helpful, and great people that I hope I will keep in 2017.

I would like to express my deep apology again if I hurt someone in this year.

I wish you all a happy new year! and keep coding for the ones of you who love it!

Lekssays loves you all!

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